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Building a strategic development and expansion plan is vital and gets your business positioned for greater! The emergence of new technologies, new economies, the subject matter of sustainability and new strategic imperatives makes the business world a very dynamic environment. As a business you must continually reinvent, upscale, and retool to stay abreast, ahead, and above! This is where we come in! Since its inception, Myrtle has been offering professional services to mainly private-sector businesses, although key members of our team have also consulted for the Public Sector in an individual capacity.

We can provide an end-to-end marketing transformation strategy for your business by designing a functional and modern sales model that would establish a strong demand for your product and services. Organizations are continually operating in a space influenced by Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Influences. Our job is to support your business with the advisory fit-for-purpose-engineered to help you either take flight or fly higher. We believe that sustainability and success must go in tandem with planning, reviews, SMART and strategic implementation, and an in-depth 360 degrees Analysis.

Organizational Diagnostics

Organizational diagnosis plays a critical role in organizational change initiatives in terms of both choosing appropriate interventions and contributing to readiness to change within an organization. With our best-in-class approach, we can work with your team to determine gaps between current and desired performance and how it can achieve its goals.  We help to figure out the root causes of issues an organization is facing and provide recommendations to improve them. 

Feasibility and other Pre-Investment Studies

Myrtle Managements supports its clients to carry out feasibility studies and preparation of project reports, selection and evaluation of processes and technology. It is always critical to ascertain prior to commencing a project to find out if the project is financially viable, technically sound and has a market. To help your company management to arrive at the right decision make us your go-to consultants. 

  • Development Planning Business Growth and Expansion Guidance
  • Business Process Design and Implementation
  • Business Transformation
  • Organisation Innovation Strategy Development and Implementation and Advisory
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Operations Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Marketing and Sales