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Myrtle Management Consultants RC1083018 is an indigenous African company set up with the objective to be the preferred and reliable partner in core business management processes. As part of our key focus, we aim to support our clients to achieve a synergy between people, systems, and processes. Incorporated in 2012, Myrtle is a fast-growing firm, with a dynamic, insightful, and professional leadership team.

At Myrtle, we view each consulting contract as a mutually beneficial long-term agreement and not a short-term business transaction. We aim to form a partnership and adopt a commitment to see the organization succeed, this we believe will help to enhance our long-term profitability, increase the number of referrals and ensure that our clients trust our advisory services, and will reinforce our business relationships.

Our task as your business consultants includes the search for optimal ways out of situations that require outsourcing support. We continuously develop and monitor effective strategies and practices to ensure process excellence. Most importantly we save you time and money!

We have a very competent team that have not only the passion for carrying out our support tasks but also the educational, technical, and professional qualification to work with your organization. We guarantee a timely response to your requests. Services may include not only consulting support but also the implementation of administrative decisions.

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Myrtle MC Company Statements

Growing from Africa to the rest of the world, we seek to effectively support organisations to strive towards achieving a synergy between People, Systems, and Processes. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to consulting, we aim to be diverse and flexible in our scope of services, yet detailed and precise on the insights we offer. At all times we will focus on delivering quality, having a visionary leadership and the best in class brains and minds.

To be the preferred pan African consulting firm, consistently offering insight, innovation and apt advisory services.


Fresh is the word we work with every day. We bring in creativity, flexibility and actively seek to understand our clients' needs to deliver quick and custom fit services.




We always provide an unbiased third party perspective on a wide range of business functions and identifying alternatives, options and implications. We will not compromise our integrity.




We love what we do, and we aim to infuse clients with a passion for their business as well as the strategy to be aspiring in what they do.




We understand that we do not operate in a vacuum. So we always aim to provide insight that will benefit our clients. We also give back to the community by participating and partnering in select Community development activities.




Learning never stops at Myrtle and teaching we believe is a constant circle. We always seek to achieve results which are realistic, measurable and allow for continuous improvement. We attract people with diverse interest and background to resonate the strength of diversity in our workplace, thus enabling our firm always to provide a fresh but experienced perspective on issues.




We work as partners within ourselves and with our clients. Working together we can use diversity to achieve the best results.

At Myrtle MC we recognise the success of your organisation lies to a great extent within the capacity and capabilities of your workforce. Thus, you need to work with a Human Resource consulting firm that is reliable, credible and capable of delivering optimal results. Our goal is to work with you towards aligning your HR Strategy and Objectives within your Finance strategy and capabilities to ensure that the persons working with you translate your objectives and invested capital to building not only an engaged workforce but a consistently profitable business.


We are a team of dedicated professionals with a resounding passion for corporate success and micro-economic resuscitation.

Our services are tailored to suit client needs and customised to achieve increased Return on Investment (ROI), productivity and meet client budget.