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Our HR Consulting services include handling all complete aspects of the candidate’s profile from sourcing, selection, shortlisting, interviews, psychometric assessments and onboarding. Under our Expat recruitment consultancy and outsourcing services, we worked on behalf of a wide range of clients worldwide.

Myrtle MC’s Project-Based Recruitment Solutions offer an outsourced approach to optimize your talent acquisition, to manage multiple hires within a specific timeframe. Our consultants use our proven methodology and are guided by the ISO 30405:2016 Human Resource Management – Guidelines on recruitment to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively.

Before engagement, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your requirements, understand the business culture, and develop a customized strategy for identifying, attracting, and retaining talent. Once the project is underway, our team follows a tightly integrated process and timeline to deliver multiple hires without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Our proven processes for candidate care, screening and evaluation ensure that you reach the right people to meet the needs of your business. We have achieved over 200 successful recruitment outsourcing projects. Myrtle has provided recruitment services across the Oil &Gas (Upstream, Downstream And Midstream), Engineering, Construction, Technical Manufacturing, Hospitality, Banking And Finance, Educational, FMCG Media And Healthcare Industries.


Our Talent Management and Sourcing Services


Manpower Recruitment Services (Temporary & Permanent roles)

We are one of Nigeria’s most respected talent outsourcing companies. With our ten years of experience in helping companies with their talent-sourcing needs, we have leveraged our expertise and supported the growth of several people and companies. You can have the talent needed for the job on demand and for only as long as it is needed.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Permanent Roles)

Your HR department can focus on what matters when you hand over your Recruitment processes to us. Being your in-house recruiter for your business, we provide efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process. This relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates. Our clients can source, screen, engage, hire and onboard the right talent while you build your business responsiveness.

Executive Search (Head-Hunting)

Exceptional leaders are hard to find. They are also not in the open job market. Our goal is to help you attract the right leader for that sensitive position. We look beyond the norm and most times have to search in the unlikely place. Over the years we have supported our clients with filling executive, high-level and C-Suite level positions.

Performance Management (Design & Implementation)

Defining organizational objectives and individual performance goals which you would want your team to achieve becomes a walk in the park when we are there to guide. Working with our team we can help you to research and set performance management benchmarks in your industry. Our approach helps you to understand what successful performance management looks like. 

Competency framework & Mapping

It is critical to have a framework which defines the knowledge, skills and attributes that employees need to have if they are to perform successfully. Working with our team, your organization can map competencies for each role or job position within the company. This competency mapping process is a process of determining the skills, behaviours, abilities, and knowledge a job title requires. Expectations are clearly defined for each position and ensure employees have the necessary skills to succeed in their roles. This also supports an efficient recruitment process. 

Skills Audit

We have supported several organisations with the process of assessing their employee's skills and capabilities to identify potential knowledge gaps or growth opportunities for each individual within the organization. The skills audit will what skills and experience employees need to grow in their careers, what they currently have, and where there are gaps. Information from this exercise is funnelled into other organisational activities such as Succession planning. 

Organizing Staff Retreats Sessions

Staff retreats and strategy sessions motivate employees because it enlists their creative participation in setting goals and contributing to decisions. We have the expertise of organizing and facilitating these sessions, from choosing a location to putting together an agenda.

Human Resource Documentations Templates

It is critical for your organization to stay compliant with statutory requirements and labour laws. The Human resources teams are the backbone of any thriving company. Supporting your team to create a collection of human resources forms aims to give your HR department the tools and resources required to win and stay compliant.

HR Process Outsourcing – Payroll Outsourcing

You get the chance to focus on strategic aspects of your business and reap the full benefits of outsourcing by handing your payroll outsourcing to a trusted service provider like Myrtle Management Consultants. secure, confidential, and precise payroll outsourcing services for over a decade. Our unique system not only guarantees accurate computations and compliance with local tax laws but also eliminates possible leakages that compromise payroll confidentiality. We can work with your existing payroll platform or use our own enterprise-scale, cloud-based SaaS payroll platform. Whichever you choose, we can work together to establish the best technology fit.

HR Business Partner Implant

Working with your organisation as an HR Business Partner we are able to support your organization with the management and resolution of complex employee relations issues. On each occasion for the duration of the contract we guide and assist in performance improvement and conduct related issues. Working closely with management and employees to improve work relationships, build morale, and increase productivity and retention. Ultimately, ensuring alignment between the business operations and the HR practices and objectives.

Deploying Online Psychodiagnostics