• Great Organizations Begin With An Aspiration
  • Strategy Without Tactics Yields No Results
  • Thinking Business Sustainability?
  • Leading Organizations Have Great Talents

Looking for First-Class Business Consultants?

We have a very competent team that have not only the passion for carrying out our support tasks but also the educational, technical and professional qualification to work with your organisation.We guarantee a timely response to your requests. Services may include not only consulting support but also the implementation of administrative decisions.

Our goal is to work with you towards aligning your HR Strategy and Objectives within your Finance strategy and capabilities to ensure that the persons working with you translate your objectives and invested capital to building not only an engaged workforce but a consistently profitable business.

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Why Choose Myrtle Management Consultants?


Fresh is the word we work with every day. We bring in creativity, flexibility and actively seek to understand our clients' needs.

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We love what we do, and we aim to infuse clients with a passion for their business as well as the strategy to be aspiring.

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We always provide an unbiased third party perspective on a wide range of business functions and identifying alternatives

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Community Centric

We understand that we do not operate in a vacuum. So we always aim to provide insight that will benefit our clients.

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Continous Learning

Learning never stops at Myrtle and teaching we believe is a constant circle. We always seek to achieve results which are realistic and measurable.

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We work as partners within ourselves and with our clients. Working together we can use diversity to achieve the best results.

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Leveraging Technology to Scale Your Business

In commemoration of March 2023, Women’s Day Myrtle Management Consultants and Dillali present this free Webinar which is targeted at women lead/owned businesses on the topic Leveraging Technology…

Key Highlights

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Benefits of Digital Transformation

Myrtle Career Opportunities.

Search and apply for a variety of jobs from our listings; your dream job may just be a few searches away. Seize the opportunity to search with our premium job listing search engine to find jobs close to you, that fit your qualifications and requirements.

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