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DOCTRACA is a document management system (DMS) and a core module our ERP software provisions. DOCTRACA simplifies work routines, producing data that guarantees better decision making for all users including: managers, business owners and other decision makers. The core benefits of using DOCTRACA are;

The core benefits of using DOCTRACA are:

  • Reduction in paper work: All requests are made electronically, sent for relevant approvals electronically and filed electronically. This saves time, ensures that documents can be easily retrieved and ensures that documents are never lost. 
  • Improved Efficiency & Productivity: DOCTRACA guarantees business efficiencies at all times. Work routine is simplified and more efficiently carried out! This in turn guarantees more productivity.
  • Business Management Tools: Either as a standalone or integrated software, DOCTRACA provides quick information, analytical tools and better decision making for all users to enhance productivity at the work place.

Features of DOCTRACA

  • Document Capture & Management: Scanning features are available where documents require attachment of external additions.
  • Document Trail: Movement of document can be easily monitored, thereby introducing efficiency into document management.
  • Document Storage: All documents are stored on the cloud and as such made safe from loss or destruction.
  • User Access & Rights: Documents are only accessible to users who have access rights to such documents. This is an administration tool administered only by the administrator of the system and adjusted as required.
  • Secure file sharing: Documents can be shared and viewed by only those who have been assigned those privileges by the document owner.
  • Electronic Approvals: Approvals are done electronically in a secure manner. No need to print a document first before approving. This improves circle times of documents.
  • Audit Trail: At any point, documents pending approvals can be located and the approval officer who is holding approval.
  • Email/SMS Alert: Email alerts are integrated into document processing to ensure that approving officers get real time notice of documents requiring approvals.
  • Online Accessibility: Using DOCTRACA online ensures that all users can do their work even when outside the office and from anywhere in the world.
  • Powerful Search Functionality: It is very easy to search and find documents - no matter how old they are – by all entitled to view such documents.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Due to its electronic accessibility, DOCTRACA can produce comprehensive reports and analysis tools.
  • Customization: DOCTRACA can be customized to follow any work flow, organizational structure and approval system. It is not a one-size-fits-all software!
  • Analytics: DOCTRACA produces analysis reports for better information and decision making.


  • For reporting & documentation purposes.
  • For creating documents just for filing purposes.
  • For creating documents to request for finance for official purposes.
  • For seeking approvals to proceed on an official course of action.
  • For procurement purposes.
  • For service and work order purposes.
  • For project management purposes.

DOCTRACA Integrations

  • It can be integrated to procurement software.
  • It can be integrated with bids and tendering software.
  • Project management software.
  • Asset Maintenance & Management software.
  • Human Resources Software.
  • Production and Manufacturing software.
  • Logistics Management software.
  • ERP Software.
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About Our Company

Myrtle Management Consultants RC1083018 is an indigenous African company set up with the objective to be the preferred and reliable partner in core business management processes. As part of our key focus, we aim to support our clients to achieve a synergy between people, systems, and processes. Incorporated in 2012, Myrtle is a fast-growing firm, with a dynamic, insightful, and professional leadership team.

At Myrtle, we view each consulting contract as a mutually beneficial long-term agreement and not a short-term business transaction. We aim to form a partnership and adopt a commitment to see the organization succeed, this we believe will help to enhance our long-term profitability, increase the number of referrals and ensure that our clients trust our advisory services, and will reinforce our business relationships.

Our task as your business consultants includes the search for optimal ways out of situations that require outsourcing support. We continuously develop and monitor effective strategies and practices to ensure process excellence. Most importantly we save you time and money!