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Historically, companies have implemented IT solutions which has resulted to data in disparate sources, inconsistent standards and formats making usage of the data difficult across the enterprise.

As a business leader, we understand that to keep up with the fast pace which technology changes, one of your major concerns will be how to implement change, merge new technology with your existing systems in a safe and controlled way.

To participate actively in the ongoing digital revolution, data is fundamental and a key enabler. The intelligence to provide unique/tailored experiences to your clients can be unleashed ensuring data-driven decisions. 

Our goals are to provide end-to-end management to this complexly distributed information ecosystem. We understand your need to deploy data, IT capacity, and infrastructure in an effective and efficient manner.

We can help in the following ways:

  • Know and understand your data and treat it as an asset.
  • Define the blueprint – standards, processes, policies and framework to implement change in a safe way with a controlled impact on data.
  • Unleash the intelligence in the data for informed decisions and accurate forecast and predictions for business strategy.

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About Our Company

Myrtle Management Consultants RC1083018 is proudly an indigenous African company set up with the objective to be the preferred and reliable partner in core business management processes. As part of our key focus, we aim to support our clients to achieve a synergy between people, system and processes. Incorporated in 2012, Myrtle is a fast-growing firm, with a dynamic, insightful and professional leadership team.

At Myrtle, we view each consulting contract as a mutually beneficial long-term agreement and not a short-term business transaction. We aim to form a partnership and adopt a commitment to see the organisation succeed, this we believe will help to enhance our long-term profitability, increase the number of referrals and ensure that our clients trust our advisory services and will reinforce our business relationships.

Our task as your business consultants includes the search for optimal ways out of situations which require outsourcing support. We continuously develop and monitor effective strategies and practices to ensure process excellence. Most importantly we save you time and money!